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The very essence of TSI provided Unified Communications and collaboration embraces and enables the tenant of getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Our Unified communications solutions help leverage best of breed solutions, delivering a consistent unified user experience across multiple system and media types.

By proposing our services and experience TSI offers its subject matter expertise in; designing, implementing and supporting collaboration systems. We provide innovative, best of breed, cost effective UC solutions inclusive of Video, Voice and Data and mobility. Our current support of existing environments and related lessons learned enables TSI to leverage our knowledge of existing configurations, minimizing the inherent integration risk associated with the introduction of new solutions.

Our application of industry best practices, including PMBOK, ITIL and Cisco PPDIOO lifecycle management and standardization, ensure VTC and Unified Communications service delivery and operations can realize economies of scale and operational efficiencies through the adoption of standardized; processes, platforms and procedures and interoperability:


  • VTC services

  • Unified messaging

  • Command Center design, integration and maintenance

  • Video services

  • Mobility integration and application development

  • Wireless communications

  • BYOD integration

  • VoIP Telephony

  • IP phones/Softphones

  • Contact Center

  • VCaaS-Video Conferencing as a Service