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The Data Center is the lifeblood of distribution of information in any organization. Our Team has successfully mitigated previously unchecked “virtual and physical sprawl," cabling “spaghetti” and “storage space” faux-pas into efficient Data Center environments. Our team will develop, maintain and update Data Center SOPs to ensure compliance with processes and procedures. We recognize these guiding “clean house” principles quantitatively show a direct impact to thermal, power and space efficiency, OPEX costs and carbon footprint realized in the Data Center.


TSI utilizes their tool-set to design and integrate Data Centers and COOP sites while following best practices for all variables including Floor loading specifications, recommended power consumption and Thermal guidelines.


TSI offers assistance preparing for The Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) requiring all Federal (CFO Act) agencies to develop and report on data centers including Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE). We understand on premise, cloud and hybrid based deployments and when and how to deploy each model including use of FedRAMP approved cloud based services.


  • Data Center design and integration

  • Data Center consolidation

  • Disaster Recovery

  • COOP design and integration

  • Asset and performance management

  • 2018 Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) analysis and compliance support

  • LEED certification assistance

  • Carbon Footprint reduction analysis and design services including Power and HVAC assessments

  • Secure SOP development services